Final conversion dates

It’s finalized after a year and a half of study, practice, diligence, and emuna, the date is officially set for the beit din and mikveh for my family’s conversion. During this time I’ve read dozen upon dozens of books, took two classes to completion, and only missed two Shabbats throughout the duration. My family is almost entirely kosher (except for when we have no other choice which is very rare), we celebrated more than a full cycle of holidays, we practice tzedakah, we perform at minimum 2-3 Mitzvot a day, and I wear a Kippah consistently, and soon I will be wearing tzitzit daily, have a new tallit, and tefillin as well. 

Yes, I know Reform doesn’t generally wear tzitzit, tallit, and tefillin, but I practice a good blend of orthodoxy and reform that works for our family. We are extremely excited about this and cannot wait to be counted as a Jew!

The beit din will take place on June 22nd, and the Mikveh on June 29th to complete the conversion process. I am ecstatic, and I will probably shed tears when the conversion is complete, in fact, I am certain that I will. As I promised when I first launched Son of Sinai, I will write about the whole process, including the final steps and my experiences with them. This has been an incredible journey of growth, learning, and spirituality and I look forward to a lifetime of the same. 

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