Excitement building and new Tallit in the works!

We are nine short days away from the final portion of the conversion process and we’re so excited. It has been an amazing journey of learning and growing, getting to know about the culture and peoplehood of the Jews, getting to learn about Torah, and growing close to Hashem. Throughout this year and a half long journey, I have seen so many incredible changes in myself and in my family, and today, we are truly blessed by our relationship with G-D, the community, and the teachings of Judaism.

I know…KNOW that I will shed some serious tears of utter elation when the process is complete, which feels more like a confirmation, than a conversion. I almost feel like I am coming home in some odd sense…

On another note, this website has been updated with several new articles, so be sure to check them out!

Finally, My first Tallit, which was very cheap, frayed horribly, and cannot be considered Frum anymore, I was a bit saddened by it, but then something beautiful happened. One good friend of mine said they could pay for most of the cost of a new tallit, a better one that will last me the years, and another friend is sending me money as a birthday gift that will fully cover the rest of the cost. I am truly blessed by the kindness of those around me!

CLICK HERE to see the Tallit I’m getting…

I will be replacing the tzitzit with a Kosher Karaite set with the proper knotting and blue thread. I know I am a Reform Jew, but I live by the Torah and find my practices a sort of blend between Reform, Karaite, and a bit of Orthodox as well. That’s why I am a Reform Jew because it allows for personal interpretation of the Torah and Law and will let me find what is spiritually meaningful for my family and myself (alongside the social justice work). 

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