eBook update, this website etc…

I’ve been exceedingly busy working on three written projects: my memoirs, a new horror novel, and The Journey to Sinai (the free eBook I’m writing for this website), alongside my art, music, and poetry, coupled with my Judaic studies, and prayer. Life has been on the go… top that off with my dentist finding 3 massive infections in my mouth and me being put on heavy anti-biotics, getting ready for the high-holy days, getting ready for our four little ones to go back to school… it isn’t easy being me lol

I can safely say that the eBook is coming along very nicely and will be done soon. There’s a lot of original content in it that I think people will enjoy. As a teaser, here is the cover artwork I made for it;

I am planning a lot of new content for this website as well; new mental health articles, new Judaism articles, and new insights into my past and my future. I am wanting to add some new elements to this site, I just haven’t decided what those elements are going to be as of yet. 

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