Articles a plenty!

I have written and posted so many new articles here and updated my recommendations a bit as well. I have quite a few books to buy and read too, thanks to a suggestion by my Rabbi, and I’m so excited to study more. I’m currently reading, meditating, and praying more time than I’m not in a day, and it honestly feels phenomenal. While this is not required, I am obsessive about my learning and growing inasmuch as I possibly can. It took me 42 years to find Judaism (or for G-D to find me/wake me up) that I’m not wasting a minute of time. Between work, study, meditation, prayers, and being a father, my days have never been more full or fulfilling. 

Aside from that, I have a ton of articles and content I’m planning to add to this site and trust me when I say that this site is going to house so much content that it may take days to go through it all. 

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