An update du jour


Okay, so I haven’t updated this site in about 10 days now, and no it isn’t because I’ve lost my zeal or love for it, it’s entirely medical-related. I have ankylosing spondylitis and it has gotten really bad, coupled with my knees having a severe lack of cartilage in them from decades of teaching and doing contact martial arts, I am losing my ability to walk. I am using a cane and walker to get around and am pretty much confined to the upstairs in our house. To top it off, I have been having wisdom tooth pain that is unbearable and I couldn’t even walk to and from a cab to the dentist’s office doors to get it taken care of. 

I still have high spirits and joy coming out of the high-holy days and sukkot and am smiling and grateful for every day I wake up. I have been drawing a lot, watching YouTube videos on Jewish wisdom, and reading, that’s been my day in/day out for almost two weeks or longer (days sort of blend together except for the Shabbat). I am going to be working on more content here I assure you, but I am still adjusting to this new normal in my life. 

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