Writing about the mind

I’d decided to begin writing tidbits about the mind here because “I am,” a student of the mind, a psychotherapist who has dozens of certifications and degrees regarding the mind, its many functions, and how it ticks. This section is called “I am,” and it wouldn’t be complete without articles discussing that I am a several decades-long student of the human mind. Before truly deciding to help others with my practice, I was already reading Freud, Jung, Adler, etc… and when Bee committed suicide I’d decided to go professional and get certifications and diplomas to enable me to help others.

It is because I’ve studied the mind so deeply, that I have gleaned so much from my past and have been able to write so extensively on it. It’s why I was able to dive into my own mind through introspection and retrospection and find what made me do what I did, what led to it and dissect so much from it. It is why I can write so extensively on the topic… period!

I don’t know if I’ll create a new section just for those articles or keep them here, or even put them at the bottom of this section, but It’s coming.