Why does the USA give Israel money?


Israel is the USA’s closest of allies in the middle east, a friendship forged out of mutual respect, assistance, and shared commonalities. In this friendship, Israel buys copious amounts of military technology from the United States, Israel shares intelligence and innovations in biotechnology, military innovations, and technology. Every time Israel gets new military technology, they develop it further and share their findings with the United States, increasing both of their abilities. 

The money the USA gives to Israel is substantial, however, it is just under 2% of the GDP of Israel’s economy and is given as a sort of preemptive rebate for all of the military and technology Israel buys from the U.S. The USA does not give Israel free money, this is entirely a myth, it gives a preemptive rebate on massive purchases, as well as for shared technology from the military, medical, and scientific fields. This, atop the invaluable intelligence Israel shares with the United States forges a close partnership between the two.

It’s no different than buying something and getting a rebate on your purchase if you guarantee to purchase so much of said product. The two are partners, both assisting one another when needed and helping to forge a brighter future for democracy. Nearly 74% total of the funds Israel receives is used to purchase American goods and services, so this also bolsters the U.S. economy in return.