What is a Minyan?


No, I’m not talking about those adorable yellow guys who have taken the world by storm, I’m talking about a Jewish Minyan (Hebrew for “number”). A Minyan is a Quorum of men and women, generally ten or more and over the age of 13, who gather together to pray amongst one another. This is central to a Jews spiritual life, as it forges community, shares in prayer, and explores devotion to Adonai in an informal group setting. Whereas one person praying can move mountains, a Minyan can change the world!

There’s Minyan all around, in online groups, in meetup groups, but mine I found through my synagogue, which is also a great place to find one. If you’re a convert, this is a great place to explore prayer with those who are seasoned in it and draw yourself closer into the Jewish community. Joining a Minyan is integral to one’s spiritual life in Judaism.

Jump in, get your prayer on and have a blessed time within the Minyan you find, I’d bet you’ll learn a lot and feel closer to Judaism and the Jewish people than ever before!