What else do I stand for?

Anyone who has read this website for any considerable amount of time can see that I combat extremism and racism, that I stand up for Jewish people (the oldest marginalized people and first to be racially discriminated against), but that isn’t all I stand up for. so what else do I stand for?

I stand for an egalitarian society, equal and honest amongst all peoples. Where all people are treated the same, with the same rights, opportunities, and protections regardless of any differences whatsoever. A society that is devoid of prejudices based on superficialities and characteristics which make us unique individuals. 

I stand for recognizing and respecting each other’s individualities and differences, but in acknowledging that we’re all one people, the human race, and finding those commonalities shared between all of us. Finding the humanity within each of us is the greatest tool we have in destroying all forms of hatred and bigotry, and moving forward as one people. 

I stand for both the rights of all religions to be practiced and the irreligious to not practice, to be protected and free. I should be free to practice and live my religious choices, inasmuch as others should be free too or from religious choices. 

I stand for all forms of artistic freedom and expression, in that, all people should be free to express themselves in whatever chosen mediums, without restrictions and whether or not we like or agree with their expression. Art is subjective in its interpretation even though it is an individual expression and as such, should not be stifled or restricted. 

I stand for a humanity that is cared for by one another; Livable wages, care for the elderly, disabled, and ill, fair housing, better job opportunities, higher educational opportunities for all, better and more affordable healthcare, etcetera. While the indoctrinated would say this is a right or left issue, to me it is more of a humanistic and empathy-driven issue, than a political one. 

I stand for self-preservation, in that all beings have the innate right (as all creatures of the animal kingdom do) to protect their lives and the lives of those they love from harm. As a Jew, the famous Talmudic sage Rava said; “If someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first.” and this was taken from a Mishna passage and the Torah itself calls for self-preservation. This a top heightened Anti-semitism and terrorism, as well as crime across the board, seems like a no-brainer. 

I stand for opposing views… that’s right, I hate echo chambers and yes-people. I would hate to live in a world where we are all the same and think the same, and I have friends close as family who even espouse some diametrically opposing views to my own. Personally speaking, a person who feels they must follow the flow, thus stifles themselves and wears a mask, keeping me from knowing who they truly are. I don’t ever want people to think like me, only think!