What do I hate today?

After leaving a life of hate behind me (decades of it actually), I have changed so incredibly much, but there are still ‘things’ I utterly hate. You’ll notice I said “things,” because I don’t have an ounce of hatred in my body regarding other living beings, only things. So with that being said, here is the list of things that I utterly hate;

  • Ideologies that preach hate for human beings, or division between human beings. Today more than ever, we need unity amongst all people, we need to put aside petty and superficial differences and recognize the humanity in each of us, looking at what we have in common more so, than what we do not. 
  • Rampant materialism whereas people would sell their own family members or throw friends under a bus for the right merchandise. Whereas no one is content with what they have and always ‘need’ more, trying to fill the void within them with items. 
  • Critical judgment society… that is the current state of society whereas everyone judges everyone else, but takes great offense to being judged themselves. Today everyone is offended by next to nothing, everyone judges each and every word spoken or typed, and dissects language to suit their own agendas. Often terms are reinterpreted because when you control the language used, you control the conversation and can twist anything to suit the proposed offensive narrative. 
  • Most media – now hear me out… the media pushes narratives of fear and division, it pushes sensationalism and human detachment, because it’s good for ratings and viewership. If you watch the news nightly, you’ll see tons of agenda-driven reports, whereas black people are committing crimes and white people are racist and there are people coming here illegally doing horrible things etc… etc… etc… then look outside of your front door, at your neighbors and you’ll realize humans of all shades are far more harmonious than reported. 
  • Politics today – as they divide and create tension where there need not be. Over the past 5 years, I have seen families torn apart, relationships and even marriages destroyed, all over politics. 

These are some of the things that I hate today, generally speaking, they all revolve around dividing human beings, separating them based on ideology or race.