Torah study 

Torah study is not something static and boring in my synagogue, it’s dynamic, interactive and interpretations from both the Rabbi and congregants are explored. I have been to bible study in a few denominations of Christianity in the past, and it is absolutely nothing like Jewish Torah study. The portions are not simply read and explained to you, each person is expected to find more than one meaning behind everything covered, alongside the explanations given by the Rabbi. It is more than simply learning, it is a total experience that forces you to look deeper into how the Torah portion can be applied to modern-day life and society. 

While I have learned a lot through Torah study about the various portions, what I’ve really learned about it is how powerful, relevant, and alive the Torah truly is. While most outside of the Jewish stream of thought think of Torah as antiquated, static, a book without deeper meaning, one or two Torah study sessions will completely change their outlook, I promise you that!

Torah study is fun and engaging and offers many perspectives on the portion being read. Through Torah study, all five books of Moses are read each and every year. There is so much to learn from the Torah study that I feel like my brain works overtime every study session, it is truly an amazing experience. You will think, contemplate, see things in a new light, find illuminating insight and all together be a better person of the book through studies.