This is a diet?


My wife and I have always struggled with our weight off and on, we were told we were both pre-diabetic a few years back and it led us down a dieting rabbit hole that contradicted everything we were told in school. We studied several diets and even did a liquid diet (Huel) for a month straight, which Huel was pretty good actually. We both worked out pretty well, but with our weight fluctuating so often, we knew it was diet-related. 

No matter what we tried, our blood sugar wasn’t going down, even if our weight was. Then one day while browsing YouTube, we happened upon a video by Dr. Sten Eckberg on Ketosis, which we watched dozens of his videos after. We’d noticed he’d mentioned how good it was for lowering blood sugar and decided it might be worth a try. We scoured the internet for Keto-friendly recipes and decided to try a handful and give the diet a fair trial of at least a month.

Within the first two weeks, both of our blood sugars were within perfect levels for the first time, and we both began feeling better health-wise, even easier to sleep and wake up, and more mentally clear and aware. My Ankylosing Spondylitis also feels quite a bit better, probably due to less inflammation from getting my blood sugar in check. We have also seen some weight loss, but even for nothing more than the results we’ve seen so far, this is the diet for us. 

The Keto diet has been a life-changer for us and better yet, it doesn’t feel like a diet. To oversimplify a Ketogenic diet, it’s a low carb and high-fat diet, while still trying to maintain a caloric deficit. If you click the link above for Dr. Sten’s video that got our attention, you can begin looking over his many free videos on Ketosis. No to kick up my cardio and take more weight off of my back and legs and try to get mobile again…