The messianic era

As most know, Jews do not believe in Jesus Christ, Reform Jews do believe in a messianic era called “olam ha-ba,” ushered in by the arrival of the prophet Elijah. This messianic age is an era without war, without hatred, without illness, without hunger or thirst, where the world is at peace, healthy, and equal. Ushering in the messianic era is the goal of nearly all Judaism, with Jews diligently working to see it occur in their lifetimes. To this end, Jews practice all things in which might assist in bringing about Tikkun Olam, repairing the world, to help bring forth the messianic era.

The ethical monotheism of Judaism is another large aspect of ushering in the messianic era, as the ethics and morality of Judaism are hardwired towards egalitarianism and alleviating human suffering. This is why we invite Elijah into our homes on Passover and have a cup of wine and seat prepared just for him. Non-Reform Jews often believe that the temple will be rebuilt and Judaism restored to a sacrificial religion, but Reform Jews do not, nor do we wish to return to a sacrificial religion.