The Jewish home



The Jewish home is a reference to having a place with all of the necessities for Jewish life, alongside Jewish decor. The Jewish home is a part of one’s life as a Jew, it celebrates the Jewish culture, people, and Judaism. This should include a mezuzah, Passover seder plate, Menorah, Shabbat candles, books, etcetera. Someone walking into your home should know that a Jewish person/family lives there from what they observe in your home. 

A Jewish home should be known as a Jewish home, inside should be made a haven for all manner of Jewishness, a place of love, respect, and honor for Hashem and its people. This becomes especially important when you’re a convert, as it helps you to fully embrace being a Jewish person and living a Jewish life. The Jewish home should be a sanctuary to you, your family, and your friends, whereas all are welcomed (Jew or not) but all should know it’s a Jewish household. 

The Jewish home is a proud statement of one’s affection for all things Jewish, and for the people and culture that make up the rich tapestry of Jewish life.