The capacity to change

Human beings have an innate ability to alter their perceptions of the world around them, which in turn transforms them into a whole other person. This is in fact something that is a double-edged sword, as it can lead one to become either a better or worse version of themselves. Have you ever heard someone say, “I didn’t think so and so could do something like that?” for good or ill? This is because the individual’s perception was changed and they acted out of the new perception and not the one they held onto when they knew the person who proclaimed that they didn’t think they could or would do something like that. 

This change in perception can come from talking with someone, having realizations, internal conflicts, reading something, watching a video, and honestly, it can come from anywhere and anything which challenges a preconceived narrative and offers a different way of thinking or viewing something. Even a small change in perception has a ripple effect, like tossing a pebble into a pond, one small change can quite literally alter a person’s entire worldview utterly transforming the individual. This is why I do the work I do to combat extremism, there is redemption waiting for each and everyone around the world!

I myself am a testament to the power of change and redemption, I left extremism almost 9 years ago and fell in love with all of humanity, then left a storied 33-year history in the occult being found by Hashem today. My entire life ran anathema to who I am today, yet here I am, a proud Jew… without hatred for any human being. 

We all have choices and free will, we have individual understanding even when it is skewed by poor perception, so when we come to understand something new and are open to garnering new perceptions, we can change anything about ourselves. If our perceptions are not held as absolute if we do not believe that ours and ours alone is the only, right, and just view of things, we can change and come to new understandings. Every human being has the capacity to change themselves, this is what is beautiful about humanity as a whole, we are imbued with free will and can willfully choose to change for the better. 

We have the capacity to change within all of us, some people just need the right wording, the right song, the right input that helps their perception to see something inherently different. Sometimes change is necessary to personal growth, to connect with humanity, to find the humanity in all of us, other times it is small, unexpected and without need, but welcome nonetheless. Without growth and change, there is only stagnation, with stagnation life becomes miserable and it is the precursor to death. In life we can only count on change, it is constant in some form or another, and in the resisting of change, we are led down a path of misery, anger, and resentment. 

The universe changes, humanity changes, change is truly the most natural thing we can experience as human beings. Fear of change often keeps us from growing and flowing with the change and forces us to reject and resent the world, instead of embracing it. We all can change, we all can work to be rid of the fear of change and grow together as one people, one race, the human race… this is my dream.