Talmudic studies


The Talmud is a series of books that codify the practices and laws of the Jewish people. This is done via a series of arguments and discussions between rabbis on the how, what, when, and why of Judaism. Within the Talmud are all of the Halacha laws of Judaism which teach the “rules,” of how to be a good Jew. It’s important for every Jew to study the Talmud, even those in the reform movement, as it helps to understand the history of Judaism and find elements that bring a deeper spirituality to one’s life. 

Just as Jews have a weekly Torah portion they read in unison, Jews have a daily Talmud page they read referred to as Daf Yomi. Much like the weekly Torah readings, Daf Yomi further solidifies the ties and bonds between all Jews of all nations and races. I would strongly urge all in the reform movement to read Talmud because if you don’t know where the Jewish people have been, you don’t know where the Jewish people are going. Also, reform Jews should know all aspects of Judaism and why they are practiced as they are, to better decide if it will enhance their spiritual life. 

Studying the Talmud is unto itself an enlightening and spiritual experience, and helps to inform each and every individual of how the beliefs and practices of Judaism came about. So, go ahead and study the Talmud, be a mensch and work towards a greater understanding of all things Judaism!