So, atop my back having issues due to my Ankylosing Spondylitis getting worse, my knees, whose cartilage is worn from decades of hard style martial arts kicks, are also bad enough to keep me fairly immobile. Luckily, I am upstairs in our house and can make it to the bathroom, our bedroom, and my office. Thursday I am being interviewed again and will post it here when it’s live. I have also written some new articles here if you haven’t checked them out. 

In my office, I can write and paint, and I have a huge office chair that cushions my spine, so I am grateful for not being totally at the mercy of my condition. I am still smiling, still doing what I can, and still thanking Adonai for every moment I am alive! 

L’Shannah Tovah!

Rosh Hashannah has come and while we’d initially planned on attending our synagogues services in-person, 4 out of our 6 person family are currently sick. We’d instead opted to watch our service online and to go through the holiday at home, so we didn’t get any of our fellow congregants sick. This was very sad for me, as it is my first high-holy day and new Year as a Jew. We have our prayer books from CCCR for both of the high-holy days and are making do with our home celebrations.

We are hoping and praying that everyone here feels better in time for Yom Kippur and we will be able to attend services in person at our synagogue. Yesterday was also my wife and my 2nd wedding anniversary, which if you’re like me, there are no coincidences. 

September seems to be our busiest month yet in Judaism, so many holidays alongside Shabbat services, and honestly, I love it!

Soon I’ll be painting again and plan a whole series of Jewish art, including a piece for each of my rabbis (and maybe our awesome Cantor too). I’m really excited to get back in the paint, I’ve already been sketching a bit and am itching to hit the canvas… I just need a few supplies first. 

So have a healthy and sweet new year (5782)!