Stay humble

I was semi-famous in music having released 5 albums and a single, I was fairly well known as an author now having 6 articles in magazines and periodicals published, 4 books of short stories and poetry published, and as an artist having sold 200 plus pieces around the globe, media outlets are now referring to me as a “Superstar artist,” but in the end, I’m just Fred!

In my therapy work I’m Fred, in my art I’m Fred or C-Note, in my writing, I am just Fred, and music is now a hobby. No amount of accolades change me in any way, shape, or form… I am and will be Fred. Calling me a “superstar artist,” means little to me, my friends and family are friends and family, I don’t do much different, I don’t live differently, heck, nothing at all has literally changed. I pray more and give thanks a whole lot more, but other than that… I am just Fred.

I still talk on social media to friends and fans freely, both new and old, I still answer questions and shoot the proverbial breeze with whoever wants to, and was even told recently I seem to be more humble now as a “Superstar artist,” than before anyone knew me. I’m too focused on my family, friends, studies, and Judaism to change and if anything, the more I focus on those aspects, the better my art seems to be flowing from me. 

I stay humble because I know where I came from, I know what I’ve been through, and I know my past all too well. I would never want anyone, even strangers to feel like I’m anything other than another human being, not above or below them. In the end, I will be buried in the same fashion as any other Jew, nothing special, nothing of note.

I can’t say what the future holds for me, I’ve seen many “Superstars,” fall off and vanish into obscurity, so I stay grounded, rooted in reality and love. I have so many plans for my art, so many concepts I want to bridge onto, so much left in me that I will be pouring my soul into my art for as long as my vision allows (as it is degeneratively failing). I stay humble… even if I am a bit socially awkward at times!

…and if/when I make a ton of money from being a “Superstar artist,” watch… I will still be the same Fred, but with the means to help a lot more people in need!

Baruch Hashem!