Painting and music

I have been a musician since I was a small child, learning to sing in choir initially, then going on to form several rock/metal bands over the years. This all culminated into my forming D-Lux, which spawned 5 albums of music and a single over its 11-year life, in the goth/post-punk genres. I did synth/midi programming, production, lyrics, singing, bass, and keyboards, and became well known in the club scene during that time. I currently play Cajon, drums, produce, write and sing, piano, bass guitar, and am learning to play the guitar now.

I have been an artist forever, even going to Fleisher Art Memorial here in Philadelphia as a child, but I’ve always wanted to paint. I sketched and drew tons, but painting always illuded me, until I turned 40 years old and bit the bullet. I’ll be 44 years old this July and in that time since I began my journey into painting, I’ve sold over 200 pieces of art, around the globe. One of my paintings ranges in price from $200-$1,500 and I only sell originals, no prints. 

Art and music are two of my favorite creative forays, with poetry and writing a close second. I find creativity to be a great means of expression, more so than mere words could ever convey. I love sharing my expressions with others, seeing their reactions, and hearing their interpretations of my work is an utter joy to me. When someone understands my art, the intention, the meaning behind it, it nearly brings a tear to my eyes out of sheer elation, as to understand my art or even my music, is to understand me. 

I have been contemplating recording music again, and I still paint (though today my art is decidedly different), so it is something that is a big part of my life. When I paint, it inspires my kids to paint and builds their confidence; it’s also great bonding time as I teach them techniques and my methods of painting. 

Being a legally blind painter has garnered me a bit of attention that others haven’t been able to afford, so I tend to promote my artist friends on social media as well. I believe as I am elevated, I will elevate others alongside me… and it feels great to do so!

Some of my CD’s
A small selection of my art pieces