Other things I’ve done

Some of my artwork

I have mentioned several things I’ve done and do in my previous articles, but haven’t given the full story or even mentioned everything as of yet. This hasn’t been an omission based on any form of shame or guilt, it’s been done to keep with the theme of the articles in which they were mentioned. So, I decided to write up an article here focusing solely on the things I have done, the good things, the positive things even during very negative times. It is these accomplishments I have garnered that kept me, sustained me even, through all of the realizations of the darkness of my past and my struggles with my disabilities. 

Throughout the course of my life, I’ve worn many hats, have studied many things, and have always lived by the motto that if I want to do or be something and it hurts no one, do it and see how it turns out. So when I wanted to learn something and try my hand at it, I did it, with no reservations or hesitations whatsoever. Several things that I wanted to do ran anathema to my disabilities, so I had to think of creative workarounds to actually see them to fruition. 

  • Art – I’ve been an artist in some form as early as I could remember. When I turned 40 (I’m 43 as of 2021) I began painting in acrylics and have since sold over 200 pieces around the globe. 
  • Music – I’ve been in bands since I was seventeen years old, but as of 2001 through 2009, I was known as D-Lux through five albums and a single in the goth/industrial genre. I sing, play keyboards, play bass guitar, play Cajon, produce, master, and mix.
  • Martial arts – Since I was ten years old I’ve been involved in martial arts. My accolades in the martial arts are; 
    • 1st Dan (WTF) Tae Kwon Do – Kim’s Karate
    • 2nd-degree black belt Bak Sil Lum Quan (Northern Shaolin fist) – Sifu Shi Gan Min
    • 1st Dan Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do – Ed Dewitt
    • 1st level instructor Doce Pares Kali- Aaron Lee
    • Instructor Sekiguchi-Ryu (Swordsmanship) – Ed Dewitt
    • Instructor Pa Kua Chang – Al Case
    • Instructor Monkey Boxing – Al Case
    • Blue belt with a stripe Gracie Jiu-Jitsu – Gracie Bara of Tucson
    • Catch as catch can wrestling – Black flag jiu-jitsu club
    • Master instructor certified by Al Case
    • Founder/Sho Dai Soke – Cook’s Kenpo Karate
    • ISSA certified kickboxing instructor
  • Author – I have written stories most of my life, I especially liked ghost stories and horror and that continues today. As an author my accolades are;
    • Self-published five times.
    • I had two books professionally published by the largest independent publishing house in the world.
    • I had five articles published (true crime and interviews) with Serial Killers magazine.
    • I had five political articles published with S&I arsenal.
  • The occult – I was an occultist for 32 years before finding Judaism and I was a rather household name in the occult as well. My accolades were;
    • Ran the Church of Lucifer from 1994-2008.
    • Gave 2 live lectures on the occult in front of 1.1 and 1.4 million individuals via a very large Facebook group.
    • Worked for a year at Harry’s occult, a 100+-year-old Voodoo shop in Philadelphia.
    • Brought Luciferianism (Hellenic greek mystery school) from obscurity to a global audience in 1996.
    • Published 3 books on the occult
Some of my CD’s
My first novel
My second novel

I have done and have been a lot of things and am well known for the things I’ve done, but only the occult has been left in the past, the rest I am still semi to very active in.