Oddities of my past

I have been and have done a lot in my life, I’ve talked about some of the things here, but not everything. Here I am writing something that I am sure will make a few eyebrows lift and more than a few people think I have lived a crazy life. The truth is, I have always struggled against my disabilities and so when some would say, “Oh you can’t do that,” when hearing about my disabilities, I would in fact do what they didn’t think was possible. Other things I’d done purely for money, others for thrills, while others still I just wanted to do. 

  • I worked at Texaco and was a “Star,” employee there.
  • I was a list-broker, selling lists of potential stock clients who have a gross earning of over a million dollars, to stockbrokers and brokerage firms.
  • I released 5 albums and a single as “D-Lux” in the industrial genre of music. I programmed synth, I produced the music, I played keyboards, wrote lyrics, and sang, pre and post mastering on each album. 
  • I’ve sold over 200 pieces of art around the world, since turning 40, (I’m 42 as of writing this). 
  • I wrote several articles for serial killers magazine.
  • I wrote four fiction books – One children’s fantasy novel, 1 book of poetry, 2 collections of horror short stories.
  • I was a recognized figure in the occult, giving lectures in front of millions and writing three books. (I’m no longer affiliated)
  • I was published 5 times with S&I Arsenal.
  • I am a musician; producer, programmer, bass guitarist, singer/lyricist, keyboards, Cajon, drummer.
  • I am a 5th-degree black belt (Master instructor) under Al Case (the most prolific martial arts writer in the world).
  • I was a psychic friend (Tarot card reader) with Ms. Cleo’s psychic friend’s network.
  • I’ve had three traumatic brain injuries, I am legally blind, have a 70% hearing loss, have Ankylosing Spondylitis, and my knees have the cartilage worn down from years in combat sports.

There you have it, my many oddities writ for all the world to witness. I have been and done many things, but nothing has been quite as rewarding as working towards helping to heal the world of hate. The work that I do today will send ripples through the world for decades to come, helping make the world a better place for all.