My six-month review: converting six months in

It’s now July 1st and it marks six months since I decided that Judaism is the only path for me. Let me briefly recap…

January 3rd I received my Ancestry DNA results and learned that I am Ashkenazi Jewish and because I’d never had an ethnic identity before I jumped in headlong studying the culture and people. My studies led me through copious books and each would give me tidbits about the Jewish view of G-D that surprised me. I then shifted my focus and began reading on Judaism, this surprised everyone as I’d been a prominent pagan for 32 years prior. I soon found myself proudly proclaiming that I am converting to Reform Judaism, and I immediately purchased numerous books.

I didn’t just jump in without knowing about Judaism, I’d read a ton of books in a short period of time, which I still continue to do, alongside daily YouTube videos on the subject. I listen to Jewish music predominantly, I say my prayers, I read daily, I’ve set up a full Jewish home, I never miss a Shabbat service or Havdallah, I attend Torah study, etcetera. I’m even in the process of learning Hebrew!!!

Within six months time, my entire life has changed, my family couldn’t be more excited, I see things in a brighter and more joyous light, and I owe it all to Hashem. I feel connected to the synagogue and our community, I feel like I’m genuinely a part of the tapestry of Jewish identity and the Jewish people. I am reading daily still, getting more books whenever I can, talking with my Rabbi, attending services, studying Torah, and praying as prescribed and I’ve never felt closer to G-D as I do today. That therein is my reason for converting, to grow closer still with Hashem, to enter into the covenantal bond between G-D and the Jews and bring G-D closer still to me and my family. 

This process of conversion has been ultimately rewarding and it will continue for me long after the process is completed. Converting is only the first step in a lifetime of study, this much I know, and I welcome it with open arms and a smile on my face. I’m planning on taking the “a taste of Judaism,” course in August and “Intro to Judaism,” when it’s available as well. So much has happened in six months and there’s so much more to go, and to say I am extremely excited would be a major understatement! 

Once I have read through a few more books, I’m going to begin studying the Kaballah as well, to understand more of the mystical side of Judaism. I’ve studied some Kaballah in the past, but without a basis in Judaism, so a lot of it made little sense to me, this time will be different.