My hope for the world


While I have many plans for myself, my family, our future, I also have many plans for helping others and the hopes that I dream they will spawn from my works. My hopes are not foolish well-wishes, nor are they pipe dreams, they can indeed become manifest under the right circumstances, which I hope my works help facilitate. Now, when I talk about these things, I like to break them down into my hopes for where I am, that is on a state and national level, and second, my hopes for the world.

First, I would like to talk about what I dream for the world around me, and what I do and would like to do to facilitate a better tomorrow for all of us. I want to form a multi-cultural center, where groups of people can gather, discard politics, and just talk about each other’s cultures, share recipes and foods, and altogether just learn about one another and embrace our differences as our strengths. I quite literally have dozens upon dozens of ideas that Bee and I came up with before he’d died, for a multicultural center that is unlike anything done anywhere. 

It’s been a dream of mine for six or seven years, my only issue is finding the funding to make it a reality. If I can get my movie made and into the hands of the right people, I could perhaps use those funds for it, the same with my autobiography. If I can get the center opened and running, I know I can help change the hearts and minds in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, I know it will make an impactful change for the better!

My hope on a smaller scale is to end stigmas, to end stereotyping, to end hatred and ignorance amongst the people in our area, and to unify everyone under the banner of acceptance and understanding, humanity, and friendship. 

My hope for the world is to form an initiative that targets stereotypes and hateful tropes and dispels them, a group of individuals who can help educate the world in their fellow human beings from other cultures. The initiative would have individuals who speak other languages, who are calm and peaceful, from many nations, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. If more people knew their neighbors in other countries, there’d be a lot less angst, aggression, hate, misconceptions, and more peace and tolerance worldwide. 

In all, I hope for peace, I hope for a future devoid of the excessive hate and anger we see daily in the world. I want to see brotherhood and sisterhood, love and abundance, care and forgiveness. I am making this my mission in life, my Tikkun Olam in perpetuity!