More observance



As I’ve stated in several articles here, I am converting to Reform Judaism and in the Reform movement, we search through the entirety of Jewish wisdom to find what is spiritually important to them. I cannot be an Orthodox Jew, the Kosher requirements would not work for our family, as two of our children are on the autism spectrum and one of our daughters is suspected as such, all three have very particular textural and food issues. Though we’ve cut out pig products and shellfish, there are other things I have personally been doing that are more observant of the Torah.

I wear a tallit (Prayer shawl) during prayers and am buying shirts that have Tzitzit (the fringes on four corners) to wear every day. I wear a kippa every day without fail and as soon as can afford a set, I will be wearing a set of Teffilin during prayers as well. I find a deep spiritual connection to the Reform movement, it’s my home and I love it dearly; though I will continue to work towards being a more observant Jew, even if I am the only one doing some of these things in the movement. 

I want to grow as close to Torah/Talmud observant as possible, as I owe Hashem everything in my life and want nothing more than to serve and honor him. Our home is already set up as a Jewish household and has been since deciding to convert, I pray oftentimes more than three times a day, and at meals, my wife and I study Torah together, so the next logical step is to be more observant of the Mitzvot and requirements. My goal is to be the best servant of Hashem that I can be, to carry his words in my head, on my lips, and in my heart, while also staying true to the fundamentals of the Reform movement. 

While many go through the conversion process to decide if Judaism is for them, going through this process has only strengthened my resolve to convert, my love of the Jewish people, and my love of Hashem. 

Am Yisrael Chai!