Messianic Judaism


Messianic Judaism is not Judaism!

Let me preface this article by saying that I’m very open-minded to others who hold religious beliefs different from my own. If you look at my social media you’ll find occultists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and just about all points in-between. Unlike some religious sects, we don’t proclaim ourselves to be the only truth in the world, just a truth. 

The Jewish people have been in existence for nearly 4,000 years, and throughout those millennia, people have tried to enslave, kill, genocide, and altogether eradicate them. Pogroms, the holocaust, exiles, enslavement, and religious persecution have all been the tools of the war against Jews… yet we persist to this day. People have tried to wipe out the culture and religion of the Jewish people through acts that are best described as disgusting and today is no different.

…enter Messianic Judaism!

Messianic Judaism is one of the newest methods in an attempt to convert Jews from Judaism and in doing so, wipe out the Jewish identity. If you believe in Buddha, you’re a Buddhist, if you believe in Allah, you’re a Muslim, if you believe in Jesus Christ, you’re a Christian… not a Jew!

An estimated 75% of “Messianic Jews” aren’t ethnically or by conversion Jewish, they aren’t trained Rabbi and instead what they are is evangelizing Christians living up to the “convert by any means necessary,” motto of the biblical figure Paul. They role-play Jewish practices in an attempt to lure Jews so that they can proselytize Christ to them. This is deplorable and the literal antithesis of holy or sacred, by any stretch of the imagination!

Groups like Jews for Jesus are in fact Christian, not Jewish in the slightest, as the Jewish Messiah has not come, nor has anyone met the totality of the prophecies to be claimed as the messiah to this date. This is yet another attack on Judaism by Christians, in a long span of attacks reaching back to the ancient Roman era. It shows a succinct lack of faith, as the religions who came from and perverted  Jewish teachings, need to attack Judaism to prove they have surpassed it or are the next truth of it. 

Christ has no place in Judaism, nor has his existence even been confirmed, as well as his own writings which run anathema to the Jewish teachings. I find it of no coincidence that the “new testament,” was solely written in Greek while proclaiming Jesus to be “Rex Judaorum,” aka King of the Jews. I find it uniquely hilarious that all these Jews which founded Christian thinking, were written about and written in Greek and not Hebrew. So to proclaim “Messianic Judaism,” to me is utterly hilarious, while simultaneously being offensive on so many levels.

So, no there is no Messianic Judaism, only Christians doing Jewish Role-playing.