Judaism books


Every religion has its religious texts and 90% of them are codified into a single book that adherents consider sacred in some manner. In Christianity, there is a myriad of versions of the Holy Bible, in Islam, there is the Quran, in Buddhism, there’s the Tripitaka, In Taosim, there’s the Tao De Ching, while in Judaism there are several books. Yes, the Torah/Tanakh is the principal holy book in Judaism, but there are prayer books written for each sect/movement, the collection of the Talmud, the Mishna, the Midrash, and countless others. 

Jewish books of wisdom and spirituality are abundant, you could fill an entire library just with important books on Judaism, the Jewish people, and Jewish history. Since starting my journey into Judaism, I began building up my Jewish wisdom library and it’s still a work in progress, even with me having around 30 books. Reading is VERY important to Jewish life and archaeology has since proven that while most ancient people around the world other than kings, nobles, and scribes were illiterate, most of the Jewish people could read and write. 

There is a literal wealth of Jewish wisdom to deep dive into, and what I’ve mentioned doesn’t even include the Kaballah or Mussar wisdom texts and lessons. If you’re thinking of converting or in the process of converting, be ready to devote a lifetime to study and practice, long after the conversion process is over. Literally, I get filled with excitement and joy when I get a new book on Judaism, to the point where I’d rather get new books, than nearly anything else… they are gold to me. Every book opens up new thoughts, understanding, and tidbits I didn’t know, like solving a grand riddle that brings new depth to my spirituality.