Funny title, a serious topic I’d like to touch upon here for a moment. You see, there are numerous denominations of Judaism; Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, reconstructionist etcetera, and in some cases, these different denominations don’t recognize one another as Jews or practicing Judaism. This sometimes causes rifts, unease, and feelings that are hurtful and resentful. Antisemitism doesn’t care what sect of Judaism you belong to, Hitler didn’t ask if you were orthodox or not, to these people a Jew is a Jew, period!

I don’t care what branch of Judaism you are a part of, or if you’re a secular Jew, we are all Jews regardless and need to stand together, unified as one against the rising tides of antisemitism. Unity amongst Jews needs to happen, not in a week, not in a few days, not tomorrow, even tomorrow is too late, we need unity now. We need to put our differences aside, accept one another for who we are, and work towards seeing to it that each other are okay and that we stand against antisemitism unified. 

United we stand, divided we fall, and if one falls, we all fall, if one of us is harmed, we are all harmed, if one synagogue or Jewish cemetery is defaced, they all are. We cannot stand against each other, while also standing against antisemitism and hate. It should be obvious to anyone, that we all need to see to it that we fight antisemitism, for our planet, our people, and our children’s future.