I’ve mentioned race, what about LGBTQ+?


So I’ve mentioned race and how my views today are very different from those in my past, but what I have neglected to mention is how my view of the LGBTQ+ community has changed. A decade back I would have gotten angry, I would have made jokes at others’ expense and demonized the entire community, but today two of my favorite people on the planet are a trans-gender lesbian couple. My best friends are two male-to-female trans-women who are married, and I would do anything to see them free, equal, and safe.

I support equality for all, I believe that love between two consensual adults is love and it’s a beautiful thing, no different from the love I share with my wife. I believe in an inclusive society for all, equality for all, and this includes members of the LGBTQ+ community. Our synagogue (Congregation Rodeph Shalom) is a model of inclusion, we have trans, gay, bi, and straight Jews, side by side, showing nothing but love and support for one another. 

The fact is, those involved in white separatist and hate groups, also hate Jews and Muslims, immigrants, and the whole of the LGBTQ+ community. When stepping free from that life of hate, I wanted to ensure that I broke free from the indoctrination 100% and so I made friends of everyone who I once demonized and wanted to listen (not just hear) to their stories and struggles. Those in the LGBTQ+ community were just as welcoming to me as the Jewish community was, just as open and honest, and also glad that I wanted to break free from my prejudices and hate and listen to them, human being to human being.

That all happened nearly a decade ago, and today I have nothing but love and respect for every single person I meet and know. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the LGBTQ+ community here in this section, although I had covered it several times by saying that I get along with everyone and love them today, I hadn’t mentioned the community by name.