Isn’t your 40’s too late?


…better late than never, right?

Change can never be discounted due to age, I mean Abraham was 99 when he entered into the covenant with Hashem, so I think anyone can change, at any age. Change takes longer for some due to circumstances and engrained perceptions, but regardless, change is the only constant in life we can rely on. I am sometimes asked why I decided to convert to Judaism at 42 years old (Now 43), but the age of this choice has nothing at all to do with the question. 

I didn’t begin painting until I was 40 and in the last 3 years have sold over 200 pieces of art around the world, so it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks. Just as you can continue to learn new things, so can your perception of the world around you change, so long as you don’t allow yourself to get set in your ways/patterns. Life is finite, but the capacity to experience new things and change doesn’t have a set expiration date, aside from death.

If you’re capable of changing your mind, you’re capable of changing your perception, and once your perception is changed everything in your life follows. There have been many instances where people 70 years old and older changed their minds, altered their lives, and were like new people. As Carl Jung once said, life begins at 40, everything before then is just practice!

Life has a way of transforming people, new experiences, new thoughts, new dreams, and these things can all completely alter who and what a person is, and age has no bearings on that. If anything, with age, comes wisdom in many cases, and with wisdom, change becomes an inevitability. Don’t get me wrong, you can’t decide to become the all-valley under 18 Karate champion at 40 unless you’re Ralph Macchio, but changing your life has no age restrictions. 

So no, it’s not too late to change, as a matter of fact, change is a constant in our world, people change, demographics change, landscapes change, Earth changes, even things within our galaxy change, and it all happens all of the time.