I’m writing an autobiography


I have worn many hats in my 43 years of life, popular musician, martial arts instructor, National Socialist, a household name in the occult running one of the largest occult organizations in the world, Jew, husband, father, and much more. Today, who I am is nothing like my past and from it all, I have been and all of the experiences I’ve had, good and bad, I am a better man for it all. My past is a storied one, I have no need for embellishments for it to be interesting, as a matter of fact, my old publisher tried to push me to write my autobiography. 

I have recently decided to undertake the writing of my autobiography, to help others, to give hope to others, and to maybe help keep others from making the mistakes I’d made in my past. I won’t pull punches or omit anything other than the names of some of the people whom the information might incriminate. This will be a massive work on my part and one that I hope to see written within two-years time (hopefully sooner). 

Bear in mind, everything I’d written and had published in the past has been fiction (horror or fantasy) other than this website, and so this will be an entirely new avenue to me. I’m excited, nervous, happy… a whole gamut of emotion as I step into this new foray, so I am eager to get it started.