I too have a dream

I too have a dream is not a disparaging thing, when I say it I mean it in terms of honoring the original message of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. When I say it, it means I’m putting my own spin on it, in my own words and my own experiences, but keeping the spirit of the original in mind. 

I too have a dream
By Frederick W. Cook

I too have a dream, Dr. King…

A dream I hope we all someday share,
That all people are free, equal in all stature,
Together in our joint humanity,
Devoid of separation, people united as one.
I too have a dream that we all recognize our differences and similarities and realize we are all one people,
That we recognize differences with respect,
That we honor the sameness amongst each other and try to understand and empathize with each other.
I too have a dream,
That all races, creeds, religions, nationalities, identities, ages, were treated with the love of a brother and sister, by one another,
That all superficialities were seen as infinitesimal compared to our similarities,
That we share with one another, in our humanity, in our love and kindness,
That homelessness and struggle, illness, and crime were all eradicated,
I too have a dream!
I want to see the addict healed, the elderly cared for,
I want to see nations heal old wounds and come together,
I want to see the Earth heal, just as I want to see the police and urban areas of our nation heal,
I want to see the roads repaired, just as I want to see meaningful relationships heal,
I too have a dream!
I want all schools to be exceptional, just as we expect our teachers to be exceptional,
I want to see higher education be affordable for all,
I want poverty to be destroyed through education and opportunities for everyone equally,
I want a government that cares less about bombs and more about single moms,
I too have a dream!