I am a Bohemian

I’d heard the term, but recently people have started saying that I’m a “real Bohemian,” and I suppose they’re right. A Bohemian is someone who doesn’t follow the pattern of social normalcy, generally someone involved in the arts in some way, both of which are fitting. I wear black nearly every day, my musical tastes are eclectic, I am covered in tattoos, I’m a goth and a Jew, I view things through a different lens, and I write, am a poet, am an artist, a musician, a martial artist, etcetera. So, my being a Bohemian is something I suppose is true. 

I live to be creative, it’s my reason for waking up every day… aside from my family of course. Creativity is something I have always highly prized; from my earliest memories to today. I will try any medium and do just about anything that is creative, so long as I can create something of beauty or value, I am generally happy. So, why do I mention this?

I am forming a collective of creative types, fellow Bohemians from all walks of life and backgrounds. A place where we can gather online and in person to talk all things creative, share works, collaborate, come up with promotional ideas, help each other grow, and more. 

There will be more information coming in the very near future, so be sure to be on the lookout for it here, and online in other spaces (social media, its own website, etcetera).