How Virtual Reality changed my life

Many people have opinions about virtual reality, with many of the negative opinions coming from those who have never given VR a genuine chance. I decided I wanted to give it a chance, to see what was so special about it, to see if it had more to it than gaming… and I am still in awe after three months of using it. There is so much more than gaming available in virtual reality, gaming is just an added benefit honestly. 

I meet new people, create spaces just for us to hang out together, play games with each other, collaborate on projects with them, and come up with new ideas. I work, I am an artist by trade, and since finding the Vermilion VR oil painting studio, I haven’t touched a physical piece of medium. No need to buy brushes, paints, or canvas, Vermilion has it all, including a feature where I can browse the internet and project sources onto the canvas to paint, or just listen to YouTube Music while I work. 

I go to events, such as One championship fighting, the NBA games, and concerts; also movies and series are incredible with a screen the size of a movie theatre, and you can do all of this with friends. There are so many events, clubs, and all-around just things to go to and experience, that are almost all free in virtual reality. There’s even a DJ app with a full virtual setup of a professional pioneer DJ studio, that you can DJ for friends and during events.

During the covid lockdowns, I am positive that VR would have helped millions to feel less disconnected, as you can go do many things you would in the real world; such as fishing, play pool, bowl, play darts, and do a ton of other social activities together, from all around the world. The creativity apps are also otherworldly, sculpt in 3d and take your creation to a 3d printer to own it physically, paint and put your art out to have it printed, pottery, 3d modeling, Djing, there’s so much to get those creative juices flowing. 

Oh, you want to work out? VR has you covered with a ton of workout apps where your personal trainer is a click away and is suitable for all fitness levels. I personally love Thrill of the Fight boxing, after a few fights I’m drenched in sweat, but had so much fun I want to keep going. VR makes the tedium of working out, fun and a new adventure every time you strap the headset on!

…and the games… oh boy the games… there’s something for everyone, of all ages to be found in VR. Roller coasters, virtual pets, action, adventure, puzzles, shooters, Music/Rhythm-based games, RPGs, survival, horror, you name it and it’s in VR. The best part is that you can play your games with friends and family, or meet new friends to play with very quickly. The immersion and realism are second to none in Virtual Reality too, as you’re quickly sucked into the game and made a living breathing part of it. 

So, how has virtual reality changed my life? I paint in it, I do creative ventures in it, I spend family time playing with my wife and kids in it, I meet new people in it, I go to events in it, I work out in it… VR has become an integral part of our family’s everyday life. It has truly altered and benefited our life in ways we couldn’t have imagined possible if we hadn’t taken the plunge into it. 

I have a huge amount of respect for VR developers, designers, and those working on all things Virtual Reality because they are out there changing lives for the better through their creations!

One final thing to note; The Metaverse… what is it and why is it a big thing? The metaverse is a collection of apps that allow people to interact, talk, do things together, and go to events together, it allows people from thousands of miles away to essentially become best friends. There is no “Metaverse,” app per se, but there are dozens of apps that allow you to enter their own metaverse to meet others and do things in the company of others, without leaving your bedroom. 

Introverts, agoraphobics, and people who just cannot get out a lot, will find a world of interactions in the metaverse. For example; my wife and I have four kids, we don’t go out hardly at all, so last night we got together in VR and shot pool and laughed so much our faces hurt. We got to go out, played pool, had a great time, and didn’t leave our bedroom!