Hobbies: decompression is a necessity

We all go through life’s stresses; let’s face it, things come up unexpectedly, and even when they don’t, just working and life can take its toll. As human beings, we need downtime, time to relax, kick our feet up, and just decompress from… well everything!

Decompression is best when it’s turned into a hobby that we enjoy and can be a highly rewarding endeavor. I myself have many hobbies I enjoy, I am a professional artist, I watch anime, I play video games, I am a martial arts instructor, practicing Cajon and guitar, I love collecting and listening to records, I am a professional author, and I work on this website. There are so many hobbies one can engage in, it’s just a matter of finding something that truly speaks to you and helps you to feel better about day-to-day life.

Hobbies are something nearly everyone has or should have and they are ultimately important to the mental wellbeing of the individual. They help decompress from the stresses of life, help recharge the individual, and allow you to focus and direct that focus towards something beneficial.

                 Some of my many paintings


I have had clients who were overstressed, overworked, and who’ve told me that they have no time for taking up hobbies, this led them to feel sick and tired often, caused a lack of focus, and even made them irritable. That was a horrible way to live, and I suggested my client find a new job and even helped them to look for something that would afford them a bit of free time to indulge in and they soon told me they felt great and were engaging in hobbies a couple of times a week. I’m telling you this because my client faced an extremity of not having the time for themselves, and it was causing physical and mental damage to them. Decompression and hobbies helped them and have helped me as well, and I have both a profession and a family (a wife and four kids)! 

People must have “me time,” to set aside to just have fun or relax deeply and decompress, or else it will begin to wreak havoc on one’s health, happiness, and overall wellbeing. I myself once fell into the trap that “My family needs me, I have to just keep going on,” but if you want to genuinely be there for them, you have to be your best. You cannot pour water for another if your pitcher is empty!

Take care of yourself, find a hobby, take some time to decompress, do it for yourself, do it for your loved ones, but do it.