God to me

I’ve been asked many times, “Who or what is God to me?”
My simple response is all I see.
God is the one and only one,
I see it in my daughters and sons.
I see it in the face of others,
So I call everyone sisters and brothers.
I see God in birds and trees,
In things on earth and in the seas.
I find God in the darkest night,
Telling me to become a light.
I see God in deeds and time,
In purest thought and peace sublime.
I hear God in silence profound,
When nary a whisper could be found.
I hear God in song and prayer,
I feel its touch flow through the air.
I awake to God and thank him so,
That my soul it did bestow.
In gratefulness by mid-noon, I pray,
I give it thanks for showing me the way.
Then by night I pray again,
That is God to me my friend.
Hashem my God my one and only,
Who separates profane and holy.
Oh, I see God in wonderment,
Of all creation and lament.
God to me is wonder and peace,
Its joy and love never ceased.
So when I’m asked what’s God to me,
Just look around with eyes to see.