…get help

Today’s society is one where mental health is almost wholly ignored, while a stark increase in mental disorders and issues continues to climb. To make matters even worse, all too often men feel like their masculinity is challenged in asking for help when the weight of the world is on their shoulders, or when they genuinely need help. Male suicide has consistently climbed, male violence has climbed, drug and alcohol abuse among males has increased dramatically, male homelessness has climbed and much of that has been largely ignored in society. 

The fact is, society puts unrealistic expectations on men, and masculinity is often seen by men as being able to handle anything life should throw at them. The truth is, everyone needs a little help at some point in their life, everyone needs a hand in coping and dealing with life’s stresses and descents and there is absolutely no shame in admitting it. I would rather any of my male friends reach out to me for help than go and hurt someone or themselves, end their own lives, or otherwise do something which they cannot come back from. It takes a lot more strength to ask for help and to face one’s issues than it does to ignore the issues and allow them to control your life.

I was involved with a hyper-masculine movement for a long time and if I learned one thing from that, it’s that those individuals need therapy and mental health resources more than most. Many were angry at the world for their own shortcomings, many were sexually frustrated, some had dependencies, some were incredibly depressed, and all could have and should have sought help from a professional. 

There is no shame in getting help, it doesn’t make you a lesser being, in fact, dealing with your issues will make you a better and mentally stronger individual. If you just need to talk, vent, feel depressed, feel like you can’t take much more, if you cannot make a tough decision, if you just feel off, get some help, please… I have lost too many friends to those very same feelings left unchecked. That’s why I became a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, neurolinguistic programming practitioner, etc… because I didn’t want to have any others slip through the cracks. 

I have hundreds of hours of experience, I have helped countless men and women for free due to their being tight on funds and lacking availability to get adequate care. If that sounds like you, contact me here and we’ll begin the work towards healing together… 

You do not need to face this alone…