Feed the beast, or starve it?

If you had a ravenous beast in your backyard, a creature that if you were to try to face it, would certainly devour you and potentially your loved ones, would you feed it? Would you risk your arm when knowing it will get ripped from your body by the beast, to toss the food to the beast? Or would you not risk your family’s lives and your own, and let the beast starve to death due to its own ferocity? 

I know that I would starve the beast because my family and my own lives are worth more than that of some savage, mindless, beast. So why do we feed racial divisions and disharmony, and go against everything the good Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr died for, why do we treat people who are different, who dress differently, talk differently, act differently, pray differently, etcetera, as lesser than one another? Why do we give fuel to the flames of white supremacy and hatred, even when we have tried the same things over and over and have gotten no further forward?

I mean this in multiple ways, ways in which many people do not even realize that they themselves are culpable in feeding the beast at their doorstep. Some are guilty as sin, others are guilty by the process of affiliation, and others still by their own naivete, but in all, guilty of the sin of feeding the beast to various degrees. I’ve been warning people for nearly a decade now and people called me a conspiracy nut, some would say, “the south will rise again skeeter,” and laugh, and only now are they starting to take me seriously. 

I have said it time and time again, it was the attention, the thrill, the attitude, the feeling of power, the violence, the women, the feeling of belonging, and many aspects which drew me into that world, but the world itself thrived on attention alone. The crew as we would call ourselves was no more than 15 kids, mostly boys, skinheads, who the news once reported were in the hundreds. This wasn’t the news just sensationalizing their story, it was because of the tireless work of the members in spreading flyers and tagging areas, which would have given that image to anyone. 

Attention was the fuel that gave us respect, which was really fear for our “massive” numbers, even while we had only fifteen people. Attention drew others to us, wanting to join us or at least hang around us, even buying us weed or beer to do so. Attention will always draw disenfranchised youth toward extremism, this is due to the child lacking something and trying to replace what they lack and cannot find in their life. 

Attention was always the name of the game…

While I was the Chief of staff of the National Socialist Movement, every time we had a rally, even if we had only 20 to 30 members show up, the news reported on it (TV and in print) and blew it out of proportion… and guess what would happen? The day after up until a month or so later, we’d be swamped with phone calls and applications from potential members across the country. The beast was satisfied and received exactly what it set out to do with each rally, flyer campaign, and publicity stunt that was almost always publicized. 

They fed the beast… the mainstream media would call us violent, neo nazi white supremacists, hate mongers, etcetera, and guess what, every bit of publicity, was great publicity!

They fed the beast and kept it roaring… and still do…

The counter-protestors, now that has to have been a good thing right? That was definitely a blow to the hate-spewing Nazi cabal, with people screaming at the Nazis, throwing water bottles, banging drums, trying to cross barricades… truly trying to stop the evil that honestly is Nazism… but it also was not a good thing!

See, the way those in the neo nazi movement see and speak about other races and people who aren’t anglo saxon is that they cannot control themselves, that they are sub-human animals, and they are violent. So, when counter-protests end up looking violent (even if they do not end up violent) and projecting that very image, Nazis use the imagery and footage to try to prove themselves to prospective members. I fully understand the sadness, anger, grief, and all of the emotions that they elicit from counter-protestors, I do, however, you are being your own worse enemy. 

You are feeding the beast…

Counter-groups like Antifa, are out there fighting the good fight, trying to do whatever they can to destroy the fascist neo-Nazi organizations, slashing tires, doxxing members, starting fights, jumping and attacking people, and putting their money where most people put their mouths only. Guess what? Antifa and Neo-Nazi organizations go together like peanut butter and jelly!

Nothing rallied the Nazis together more tight-knit and made those thinking about leaving decide that they’d rather stay, quite like facing a real enemy in Antifa. Imagine, a bunch of boneheads who love violence, and a bunch of guys decide to get violent with them, it’s like feeding a fat kid cake. Imagine a bunch of guys who are looking for enemies everywhere and a bunch of people decide to become their real-life enemies, you might as well just get a room you two.

The thing is, the two feed one another, without Nazis Antifa wouldn’t exist and without Antifa, Nazism would be so boring that I’m pretty sure it’d become far more marginalized. So…

They feed the beast…

The constant focus on race that has permeated every inch of our society for the last maybe ten years, has also fed the beast dramatically. The rise in Afrocentricism and black Nationalist organizations such as the Nation of Islam and Black Hebrew Israelites, as well as Hollywood stoking the flames of racism in desperation for sales of their movies and series post-Covid, have been some of the best friends of American Nazism. These things have done more for recruitment in white nationalist organizations than if they ran an ad during the Super Bowl!

This heinous, ravenous beast known as Nazism, aka white supremacy, also called bigotry, has been getting fed by a lot of people for a very long time now. I like to think of this beast as a dragon, sleeping in a cave; it’s asleep, it wakes up, eats, then goes back to sleep again. We don’t need a sleeping dragon looming over us, we don’t want that kind of threat over the horizon, and so we have to make a choice to either keep doing the same thing and waiting for it to devour us and our loved ones, or we can starve it to death.

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, isn’t the definition of insanity, it’s the definition of stupidity!

So, how do we, as in each and every one of us, “WE” starve the beast of fascism, nazism, white supremacy, etcetera… That’s where things have to change, that’s where things have to be altered a bit from what you all are used to doing while thinking you’re actually making a dent in the beasts’ armor. I can tell you, you haven’t been, in fact, you’ve all been helping the beast of hate up until now, feeding into it, giving it exactly what it wants. 

So, let someone who was involved with multiple leading figures in the white nationalist, Nazi, and white racialist movement and who became the Chief of Staff of the Infamous National Socialist Movement, only to leave, spend the last ten years combating hate and learning under a lense of mental health, the why’s and how’s of his past, lead you…

To the media… keep reporting to a minimum and make it dry, “neo nazi rally at such and such took place with a counter-protest at such and such, and remained peaceful,” nothing more or less. No mention of violence if there was none, no mention of any descriptors that are not absolutely needed to dryly convey the bare bones information that happened. Do not mention people by name, you turn them into infamous people that disenfranchised folks look up to, thus helping them. 

No action photos, no “best angles,” no “proper lighting,” just raw, “here they are,” pictures should be used as well. I guarantee taking these things into advice you’d see a drop in recruitment into those groups very quickly. 

Next, I’m looking at counter-protestors, turn your backs in silence to their podium or speakers, while holding hands. Sing a song promoting unity that maybe everyone would know and could sing to drown them out while keeping your backs turned to them. Do not engage with hate groups at all while there, perhaps wear signs on your back with a web address, email address, or phone number for them to contact someone to leave the organization if they want. Signs can be potent, a simple phrase, “Why do you hate me, I don’t hate you?” can open up a world of thought in someone’s mind. 

Trust me, this would be far more powerful for counter-protestors, and more disarming for the hate groups. After this happens time and time again, across the United States, fewer and fewer rallies will occur and fewer people will be recruited from it. You will have in effect, turned one of their favorite tools into an ineffectual show where peace and unity wins every time and leaves them looking like spoiled children. 

…but wait, there’s more (in a Billy Mays voice)… Throw random peace and unity rallies, BBQ, music, games, fun, and family stuff, make them free, and find sponsors to make it happen. You might think that sounds silly, but if people can throw hate and division rallies, why not the opposite? Not only would it be fun, but it would be a huge benefit in our divided country, to bring people together under the banner of unity, peace, and love. 

Laugh at racists and bigots as the leftover clowns from a bygone era, this includes Nazis, white nationalists, Afrocentric, and black Nationalists alike. Return to the message of the good Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. where he envisioned a place where we all got along, undivided, unified, in peace and love, not separated by the shackles of past traumas. He had a clear vision where we could all work together to build something truly beautiful and special, whereas our differences were celebrated and not considered something to segregate by. 

If you want to starve the beast, listen to what I’ve been telling you, or you can continue to do what you’ve been doing… it’s worked so well, right? War is won by imparting an effective strategy, and make no mistake, this is currently a war of ideologies that those in hate groups hope to soon enough turn into a physical war. I wish to avoid the bloodshed and violence and stay nonviolent, I want to help by giving strategies to everyone that haven’t been tried and were developed by someone with inside knowledge of the mindset of hate groups and psychology. 

So, will you feed the beast or starve it?