Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful


I have personally encountered antisemitism and I’m only in the process of conversion (though I’m ethnically Ashkenazi), and I’ve met and know so many Jews, that I don’t understand the hate. I mean, it’s really easy to debunk 99.9% of all stereotypes and conspiracies about Jews, Google is our friend here and confirmation bias is sheer ignorance. So why do Jews get so much hate leveled at them? 

Is it because Jews are so accepting of others, or that I’ve never met a more giving people whose very religion commands them to help the less fortunate? Is it because the Jewish people have their own language and culture, yet still thrive while living in the diaspora because of their perseverance and inner strength? Is it because Jewish people invented the bagel and jelly donut first?

I just don’t understand it!!!

In America, we marched with Martin Luther King Jr. for civil rights, and have been at the forefront of pushing for equality for all from the beginning, is that it? Is it because a lot of Jews look so good in sidelocks? Please let me know because I’m entirely baffled by all of the hate!

Wait… noooo, it couldn’t be that… could it? Is it because we’re such a beautiful group of men and women, I mean we got it going on in the looks department, so is it jealousy? I mean, yeah all Jews are beautiful inside and out but don’t hate us because of that, you’re pretty beautiful too. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful!

…or could it be something else?

Is it because of socio-politic reasons made worse by idiotic conspiracy theories shared via memes all over the internet? No, it couldn’t be, people are smarter than that and could easily do a bit of unbiased research, after all, we have all of the world’s collective knowledge in our pockets digitally waiting to be referenced. Often those memes and the lies are spread by antisemitic groups and people who are jealous of the Jewish people’s determination and grit in the face of adversity, but you knew that because you’re not stupid.

Is it because we’re a very small minority (one of the smallest in the world), so people feel we are easy to attack and get away with it? No… I don’t think people are that evil, I like to think most humans are inherently good people, so it couldn’t be that. So I am at a loss… it has to be the whole beautiful thing…

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful!

Is it because the anti-Jewish media falsely portrays Jewish people in a way that is unflattering and at times, often politicizing everything the Jewish people do into the left-right narrative of America? Is it because the American media often oversimplifies the Israeli conflict and ignorantly puts forth an anti-Israel narrative that is wholly false and the American people cannot make the distinction between Jews in the diaspora and Israel? To add to the fact, most Americans who rely on the media often don’t research beyond what they’re told, and or look for articles confirming their already slanted bias, is that it?

…nope, people are smarter than that, so it has to be how darn beautiful we are… it has to be.

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful!

Is it that the culture and people are so misunderstood and rather than look up the information, people would rather be suspicious and mistrusting? Nooooo, I refuse to believe that, it’s all because we’re senior/seniorita sexy, and let’s face it, who grows a better beard than us Jews? I rest my case…

If Jews and Israel are so evil, why was it that the most peaceful activist ever on American soil, Martin Luther King Jr. supported us and even supported Israel’s right to exist? So it can’t be that… so it has to be the whole beauty thing… it has to be, but guess what, you’re beautiful too, so don’t hate me because I’m beautiful!