Creativity: my expression

I have always been one of those “creative types,” from art, music, and writing, to finding creative solutions to problems and issues, creativity is and has always been my forte. I have written copious articles, books, and essays on a variety of topics, both nonfiction and fiction in various genres. I have five albums and single released under the name of D-Lux in the gothic and industrial sub-genres of music and play bass guitar, keyboards, Cajon, sing, write lyrics, produce, mix and master. In art, I paint in acrylics and within the last three years (as of 2021) have sold 200+ original pieces of my work around the globe. I also love arts and crafts like Sculpie, clay, origami, and such. It’s safe to say… I am one of those “creative types!”

A small selection of my art pieces

I love using my various creative outlets to express myself, to express emotion in all of its myriad forms and feelings. Creativity has gotten me through some rather dark times in my history and has also expressed some great joy and tender moments. I would even say my 30 years in the martial arts also taught me a physical form and sense of expression, utilizing my body as a brush and the world as my canvas. So important is my creativity to me, that even my disabilities did not stop me from doing what otherwise would be considered impossible. 

I don’t only create, but I indulge in the creations of others, art, sculptures, music in all genres, and a plethora of reading in both fiction and nonfiction. These indulgences inspire me, they bring out emotions, they draw forth greater creativity from within me, and give me new ideas, concepts, and views. Creative outlets are as important to me as eating or drinking is; creativity is vital in maintaining a positive mental outlook and mental state in my life.