B’nei Mitzvah

So, our synagogue offers B’nei Mitzvah classes for Jews who never got to become Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and my wife and I have been undergoing classes for a while now (even before full conversion because our Rabbi knew we were ready for conversion at the time). February, 18th, 2023 is the official day we become B’nei Mitzvah, and honestly, this part of our journey has been almost as fulfilling, and stressful (just a tad) as undergoing all of the steps of conversion.

Our class will be leading the Saturday Shabbat service and my wife and I will make Aliyah to the bimah and read/chant from the Torah scrolls directly!

Am I nervous… Absolutely, but I am also very excited and ready for this portion of our journey to happen. We have a one-on-one with our Rabbi scheduled closer to the date to make sure we’re wholly prepared and ready. This will honestly be another emotional moment in our Jewish lives, and we’re planning a small party afterward to celebrate. We live according to the Mitzvahs and have long before the conversion was completed, and so, for us, this will be a confirmation of our devotion in the sight of our community and G-d. 

After, I will share the experience in the blog section of this site for everyone to read…

Baruch Hashem, Ye’aseh Retzon’ekha!