Many of life’s problems, questions, and issues can be better understood by taking personal accountability for one’s actions and choices. In my own past, I blamed immigrants, the Jewish people, people of color, and just about everyone and everything other than myself for my life and the state of the world. The reality was that I was in control of my actions, choices, and understanding of people and circumstances and that if there was a problem, it should have rested squarely on my shoulders. 

The only way to enact any actual change is to take stock of one’s life and circumstances, place the blame and accolades where they belong, and take accountability for it all. Personal responsibility isn’t fun, it’s not as easy a pill to swallow as scapegoating your issues onto others, it forces you to step outside of your comfort zone. There is no growth to be gleaned from within one’s comfort zone, you will not fix your situation or the world by sitting in your comfort zone, and accountability is the principal force in stepping outside of it and making true change. 

if you have to say, because of this person or this circumstance my life is this way, you’ve not yet taken full stock of life nor accepted personal responsibility and accountability for your own decisions. More often than not, the one thing holding you back is yourself, the one person who has kept you from doing something is you!

You are responsible for your life, you are the one who is in control and can make the decisions to better or hinder yourself, this has often been the hardest truth for most people. Sure, life throws curveballs at us, but everyone struggles in some way, making better choices and taking accountability for what you do, are, say, etcetera, is the key to staying or getting back on the right path. Blaming others, concocting conspiracies, and creating boogeymen will not in any way help you. 

People tend to blame everything on others when they cannot resolve to take responsibility for their condition in life. It’s either a conspiracy theory, immigrants, small minority groups such as the Jewish people, or just about everyone but themselves. The biggest problem is that they will often allow scapegoating to consume them, sometimes turning violent or at least antagonistic, because, in the end, misery loves company. The choice is up to the individual, be miserable but never take accountability, or move on, take stock and control of their life, and make better choices outside of their comfort zone.