A list about me

I write a lot about my past, I also write a lot about Judaism, but I am taking this moment to write out a list about me. No this isn’t an act of ego aggrandizement, I’m doing this because A:) these are things I genuinely love, and B:) readers might want to get more insight into who they read so much from. I hope this inspires others to make a list of things they love (things not people) and that it cheers them up when they feel down (It always works for me, alongside gratitude lists). Bear in mind that this list is not in any particular order… 

  • Big robots – Transformers, Gundam, Escaflowne, Robotech I love them all!
  • Childhood collectibles – I collect things that bring a sense of nostalgia of my childhood, Funko pops, Scooby-Doo figures, transformers, I build Gundams, Batman anything, etcetera.
  • Anime – Japanese anime has been a love of mine since the 1980s, which continued well into my adulthood. Dragonball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, countless movies in all genres of anime. 
  • Books – I read… a lot! From fiction (Mainly horror and science fiction) to nonfiction, from history to religion (Ancient and modern), I read it all with an addiction like a zealot. 
  • Video games – I have been a gamer since I was five years old and have had every major console since the atari 7800… until the PS 3 era. Now I am a Nintendo Switch and PC gamer, who gets in a sesh whenever I can find the time today. My all-time favorite games are; Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (I had it on PS3, and I currently have it on my Switch and PC), Dragonball Xenoverse 2, Fallout 4, Persona 4 Golden, Terraria.
  • Music – Whether playing it (I play bass guitar, Cajon, keyboards, write lyrics, and sing), or listening to it, music makes the world go round. I listen to just about every genre imaginable, from world folk to reggae, from rap to heavy metal, from classic rock to Jewish pop, you name it genre-wise, and I have favorite bands and know their songs and music. 
  • Movies and series – Horror, drama, action, suspense, science fiction, are my favorite genres of movies. 
  • Martial arts – from training and practicing to watching movies, from books to watching it on YouTube, all the way to teaching students, martial arts are something I love and have invested most of my life too (32 years practicing as of 2021). 
  • Student – I am a perpetual pupil and love to learn new things every day. 
  • Archaeology and anthropology buff – Forever I have studied about the ancient lands and people, what they believed and what lead to pivotal moments in world history. My favorite areas to study are Mesopotamia, Egypt, Judea, the Roman and Greek empires, China, Korea, and Japan.
  • Collecting Vinyl – Records bring back my youth when records were the norm, they also encompass a raw sound, where everything sounds crisper. The larger-than-life cover art and back, as well as inserts; more art, lyrics, sometimes a poster or a digital download card to download the digital version album free.