A life of gratitude


I live a life of gratitude and joy today, something I couldn’t have fathomed years back, and I owe all of this to Hashem, Judaism, and my family. Recently, we had a flooding issue (Not related to an ark) in our basement, we lost some belongings, had to get up at seven in the morning and move things out and clean (all morning long). I posted about it on social media, just letting people know what was going on, and received a ton of “I’m so sorry,” comments and something struck me… I’m not really sorry or disheartened as I would have been in the past.

I’m blessed… I woke up blessing 1, I have a roof over my head blessing 2, I have food blessing 3, I have clean water blessing 4, I have a family who loves me blessing 5, I have an incredible Jewish community blessing 6, I have some good friends blessing 7, I work for myself as a therapist and artist blessing 8, etc… etc… etc…

I’m very blessed in my life, more so than many others around the world, so why would a little leak and water bring me down? I can safely say that I am grateful for life as it is, I am joyous for what I have and what I can do and be in life, so other than catastrophe, little can bring me down. Best of all, I have G-d watching over me, walking alongside me, guiding me through my studies in Torah, guiding me through his Mitzvot and nothing is worthy of bringing me down from the joy that brings to me. 

Is it a bit costly, yes, did we have to get rid of some material items, yes, did we have to clean up a massive basement first thing in the morning, yes, does that detract from my blessings… absolutely not. Life is a great adventure filled with awe and wonderment for us, it’s full of love and gratitude, and regardless of the struggles we have, we will make it through maintaining all of that, as a family. I am even grateful to grow from any struggles we may have… a knight in shining armor, is a knight that hasn’t fought any battles. 

Struggles build character and for that, I am grateful, just as I am grateful for times without struggle, and I meet both with the same gratitude, joy, and wonderment. This is who and what I am today and I am proud of the individual I see in the mirror, I recognize the visage looking back at me, a smile on the face and love in its heart. I live a life of gratitude!