A life of gratitude: things I’m grateful for

In life we become accustomed to the many blessings we have, we almost take them for granted at times and ignore what we have, for what we do not have. This is a source of much sadness and envy in the world and the means to combat this is through gratitude and recognizing the things and people we’re blessed within our lives. I encourage everyone to make a list of things they are grateful for in their lives, to better acknowledge the good we have, instead of the things we want. If you need a jumping-off point, a place to start, use mine as a reference and write in your own things you’re grateful for.

  • My wife – a constant source of love and inspiration, my better and more grounded half, my eternal love.
  • My kids – All four of my kids are special in their own ways, unique, and full of love and energy. 
  • My family – My mother and my uncles are full of kindness and love and love our children so much.
  • Our cats – Oreo and Alice, crazy, cute, affectionate little furry kids.
  • A place to rest – Having a place to sleep at night is a luxury not everyone can afford.
  • Food to eat – Again a luxury not everyone can afford.
  • Clothes on my back – Another thing that is difficult for some to come by.
  • The internet – Something that connects all of us to one another and lets us share information and support effortlessly.
  • My Computer – It lets me work more efficiently, game, consume media, and much more.
  • My Records and record player – A gift to the audible senses, which lets me rekindle my love of music and relive my childhood. 
  • My Kindle – This has a Tanakh, full 10 volumes of the Talmud, and a few hundred other books on it that I can take anywhere.
  • My Synagogue – Always welcoming, always smiling, from Rabbis to congregation it is our home away from home.
  • My Rabbis – From the Rabbi emeritus who frequently run things and are in services, to our current rabbis, these are people whom I look up to regardless of age. 
  • Beyond Barriers – an organization made up of amazing individuals fighting against racism, hate, fear, division, and domestic terrorism.
  • Workout equipment – This allows me to work out, even though my back restricts me from many common workouts.
  • Art – Which livens the visual landscape with beauty.
  • Music – Which livens the audible landscape.
  • Poetry – Which livens the mind with unseen visages and awakens the human spirit.