A Jewish name


When someone is Jewish or converts to Judaism in the Diaspora, it is customary to have two names, the name known in the host country and a Jewish name known by others Jews and within the synagogue. When you convert, you’re not simply converting to a religion, it’s more so like joining a nation, you are becoming a Jew in every way, shape, and form, hence it can never be undone. In taking a Jewish name, you are thus taking on the role and responsibility as a Jew in every way imaginable.

Upon conversion, my Hebrew/Jewish name will be “Daniel Yahuda Ben-Avraham V’Sarah,” which holds several very important meanings to me. Daniel was my father’s name, which means “God is my judge,” while Yahuda means “praise, or exalt,” and most converts take the name Ben-Avraham V’Sarah meaning “Son of Abraham and Sarah.” 

Converts take on a Jewish name to better connect them with the Jewish people in every way, it is an important aspect of conversion which one should consider from the onset of the conversion process. Those born in Israel do not generally have a separate name, as they live in the homeland and their name will more often be purely Jewish.