A blaze of glory


Honestly and speaking from the heart, I never thought there would come a day when I would be writing this article. I have been legally blind for a long time, but from my last eye exam, I was informed that I am losing my little vision to irregular degenerative astigmatism. The one thing that I have done for much of my entire life, is art, and as of age forty, I turned professional painting and selling well over 200 pieces of art around the globe. I love art and soon it will not be possible for me to continue painting it, so I have seriously picked up on my exploring every avenue of art I can, while I still can.

I have begun doing my more street-oriented art, realism to a degree that I can, NFTs, art prints with fine art America (Click here), and much more, literally pouring my heart and soul into any visual mediums I can get my hands on. If I’m going out and not going to be able to do art for much longer, I’m going out in a blaze of artistic glory!

I spent a year away from art after my father died, giving myself time to grieve, and in February held the one-year Yahrzeit… for the past couple of weeks, I have returned to art and am far better than I was. I finished the piece of art I’d talked about here several times, to give to our rabbi as a thank you for all he has done in helping us throughout this journey… see below.

…and I will have the piece printed to wood for our rabbi to last a lifetime. I will not replicate the piece and it will be one of a kind!

I have also completed quite a few new pieces you’ll find at the fine art America site listed earlier, done under the moniker of “C-Note,” a play on my last name and the note of C in music (I’m also a musician). I have also begun my street art style once again, digitally in Kingspray graffiti VR and by hand, all legally mind you (I’m a dad and am not going to jail for art). I work a lot in mixed media now too, blending traditional and modern mediums together to make an original piece. 

I have been art obsessive since finding out I will eventually lose my vision completely, my goal is to create 500 pieces of original art before my eyes betray me, about 250 down, around 250 to go!